Cheryl Theory

Hey, I'm Cheryl

From law school dropout to now the founder of a thriving coaching business that makes consistent 7-10k months (even on top of being a full-time graduate student), I am passionate about helping people around the world show up online confidently to share their unique work, message, and expertise.

My coaching is centered on helping entrepreneurs step into the role of a thought leader while making a full-time income on part-time hours within their business.

I believe that we each have the choice to create a life, career, and business that is aligned with who we are and what we truly want, without the need to impress others or seek external validation. This is why I'm here to challenge you to stand firm in what you believe in and start showing up to build the business and life you've been dreaming of.

5-Figures Soft Launches Workshop

Learn how to become known for your thought leadership and start booking out your 1:1 program or services


FREE Content Strategy Worksheet

Step-by-step worksheet that teaches you my signature approach to content strategy to build authority, connection, and demand

The Ultimate Guide to 5k Months

The go-to ebook for the new coach who's ready to start mapping out your online business to 5k months

The Side Hustle Club Podcast

The Podcast

The Side Hustle Club Podcast is your go-to show for building a business that makes a full-time income on part-time hours (even if you have a 9-5). Here, we’ll talk all about growing a profitable and sustainable business, thought leadership, as well as your mindset and life as an entrepreneur. Whether you want to go full-time in your business or continue side hustling, this show will help you grow your business so you ultimately have the freedom to choose which path to follow.

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Brand and Content Lab

Not only did Cheryl help me get my first 5 clients, she has coached me through so many of my doubts and has guided me in transforming my mindset around showing up online - not just for my audience and potential clients, but for myself.

- Stephanie P.

Brand and Content Lab Cheryl Lau

Working with Cheryl gave me the skills and confidence to launch a business within 3 weeks. I was able to do market research, create my signature offer, and book 3 clients within one month.

- Ariana D.

Side Hustle Lab Cheryl Lau

After just a few weeks of working together, and two weeks after launching, I was able to sign on my first 3 clients! More than that, I’ve been able to develop the confidence to trust in who I am, and how my business is serving my community.

- Alyssa B.

I know you're here because you're a high-achiever and independent thinker who loves learning new things and are open to new experiences. You also have big dreams and want to have control over your future. And ultimately, you want to feel fulfilled in what you do while being able to make a massive income and impact.

So, if you're ready to start making a full-time income on part-time hours and become known for your thought leadership...

Let's get to work.