A sincere and compelling speaker, workshop facilitator, and storyteller 

Cheryl is the speaker who will inspire your audience to think deeply about what they truly want, make courageous decisions, and take quick and empowered action 

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Cheryl Lau (she/her) is the coach for aspiring thought leaders and host of the Thought Leader Club podcast.

She believes that sharing your story, becoming known for your thought leadership, and building a body of work is the foundation for creating your own version of a successful life, career, and business. 

I’ve quit two prestigious career paths (law school and PhD/academia) to pave my own entrepreneurial career. I literally went from being the Asian parent’s dream child to their biggest disappointment. 

But since starting my business and brand in 2019 and consistently building my body of work + thought leadership, I’ve forged a new path and created a business & career that not only makes me proud… But it also makes my parents proud 

In just a few years, I’ve also been featured on the TODAY Online, spoken on the CNA 938 radio, and have held workshops for the University of Toronto - Victoria College, the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Center, and the Asian Wander Women. 


My podcast, The Side Hustle Club (Now known as The Thought Leader Club), was the recipient of the 2023 Golden Crane Award (from the Asian American Podcasters Association)

And I’m ready to help you do the same. 

All of this was only possible because I’m now known for my unique thought leadership, I’ve built a body of work that compels best-fit clients to work with me, and I’ve ultimately built a business & career that I’m so, so proud of 

1 - You Don’t Need To Have a PhD to Build Thought Leadership: How To Become Recognized for What You Do Through Podcasting 

Thought leadership isn’t predicated on the prestige of your credentials - It’s about your thoughts and whether you build a compelling body of work with those brilliant ideas and stories. 

We all have the capacity and potential to build thought leadership and to become recognized for our unique story, perspectives, and the value that we bring to the table. Learn a simple 4-step framework to go from not having any clear strategy to knowing exactly how to build a substantial body of work (i.e. your podcast) that lets you become known for how amazing you are at what you do. 

Leave this session knowing precisely what tweaks and changes to make to your podcast content strategy so your audience immediately recognizes you as the go-to resource in your field. Podcasting is how we are quitting the traditional for the exceptional, and it all starts with becoming recognized for your thought leadership.

Speaking Topics

2 - Quitting, navigating Asian parental & societal expectations, and making courageous decisions

From quitting two traditional & prestigious careers to sharing her story online week after week for the past 5+ years, Cheryl is no stranger to taking action despite fear. In this talk, she will guide your audience to reflect on their personal situation and make decisions that is aligned with their values and what they want to be known for in their lifetime 

speaking engagements

Spoke for the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Center (2023; Singapore)

Spoke for the Asian Wander Women (2023; Singapore)

Held a workshop for the Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Center (2023; Singapore)

Held a workshop for the University of Toronto - Victoria College (2022; Virtual)

Featured in TODAY Online (2022; Read HERE)

Hosted an in-person workshop for the public (2022; Singapore)

Spoke for Podfest Asia (2024; Philippines)

Spoke for the Asian Wander Women (2024; Taiwan)

You can email me directly at hello@cheryltheory.com

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