Sign Clients by Becoming Known for Your Unique Thought Leadership, Soft Launching, & Doing it on Top of a Full-Time Job

Creating a successful side hustle is a lifelong SKILL that I believe all of us should have,

I also believe it is possible to build a business on part-time hours that feels like a passion project AND it makes money, helps people, and lets you live your life. I can help you do exactly that.


Now, you're ready to sign clients more consistently, become known as one of the BEST coaches in your niche, and feel more calm and confidence as a business owner. You know you have skills and ideas that can deeply help someone, but you're still worried about whether signing clients regularly can become the norm for you

Inside our program, you will learn how to sign clients by 1) becoming known for your unique thought leadership to stand out in your niche, 2) building a brand that is honest, genuine, and uniquely differentiated, and 3) Doing soft launching for your 1:1 coaching program so you don't have to stress over creating a complicated pre-launch + launch plan that ends up overwhelming you, drains your energy, and ultimately doesn't result in clients

There will be no cold DM scripts, complicated launch plans, or feeling like you HAVE to post 3 reels a DAY inside our program. We will be creating a plan and tailoring the coaching to you and your brain, personality, lifestyle, strengths, time capacity, and what you want to be known for (i.e. Not that coach who tries to start a conversation people just because someone double-tapped on your IG story)

We will NOT be following the typical business advice you've learned about content and marketing from the big Instagram coaches. Nah. Instead, we'll help you build your own personalized Bare Minimum Game Plan, content strategy, and soft launch plan so that everything you put out is actually reflective of what YOU want to be known for AND it's what you actually want to focus your time and energy on (without having to second-guess whether things are working or not)

Our process is simple, fun, and also helps you create a business YOU are proud of and truly excited about! And, we'll stay focused and prioritize decisions that will help you build a long-term, recognized brand and a business that is sustainable, even against all the natural ups and downs of life that might inevitably come up :)

You've been doing this for a while now...

Because we should be able to have not just an amazing business, but also an amazing life!

And that's why even if your currently building this business on top of a 9-5 or this is your main thing, your business is still just one of MANY priorities in your life - And that's why it truly is still a "side hustle", no matter how much income and impact you're creating through your work

And guess what? Contrary to popular belief... Side hustles can make a hell of a lot of money and help a ton of people! It's not just a "cute little passion project" ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰ You can build your business on "side hustle" hours AND still hit your business income goals + make time for all the other parts of your life that matter to you (ex: Family, travel, health, social life, etc)

Our coaching container is the place to support you as you continue to take both your BUSINESS and LIFE to the next level โœจโœจโœจ

Why "Side Hustle"?

We will work together to master the following skills in your business:

Let's Create Amazingness

The Money-Making Theory is my signature method to signing clients. It's based on the idea that your unique thought leadership, opinions, perspectives or ideas, lived experiences, and everything else inside your brain is of value to your ideal clients, and hence can also make you money.


Instead of posting whatever you feel like it depending on your mood, let's start to make decisions in your content, marketing, and business that will help you build a uniquely differentiated and recognized brand that will set the stage for your bigger long term goals


For 99.99% of our clients, they have other priorities outside of their business (or career). This includes family, relationships, social life, health, travel, rest, etc. Because we spend less time on the business, we are able to have more time for life


Feeling calmer, more confident, and more sure of their own voice or sense of self are the most common feedback I hear from clients. This is all I want for our clients - To be happy entrepreneurs who genuinely like themselves, their life, and their business


If you're ready, come join us inside



Our Awesome Clients

Below are a sneak peek into the amazing client results and wins we've created inside the 1:1 and Group Programs. It's pretty cool how much we can create, even on top of a career and making time for your personal life.


... Even if you have an insanely demanding 9-5 and you have big career goals

... Even if life happens and you need to take care of other priorities like family, health, your housing situation, etc

... Even if you've tried to grow your business for MONTHS but still aren't seeing results OR if you're brand new to this 

I am here to work alongside you through all the ups and downs of the journey. Business success can happen quickly, but be willing to be in the game for as long as it takes. 

Created her first 5k month as a nutrition coach

Crystal (Side Hustler)

Recent Client Wins

The core skills we worked on were developing the client's unique thought leadership to stand out in their space, building a uniquely differentiated brand that is also honest and genuine to you, and ultimately signing 1:1 clients for your coaching or service-based offers (even on "part-time" hours)

Created her first 6-figure month (HKD) as a Chinese calligrapher

Mabel (Side Hustler)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a coach for creatives

Betty (Side Hustler)

Created 8k throughout the duration of our program as a web designer

Brittany (Side Hustler)

Created 6k in sales in one day as an imposter syndrome coach


Made back the full investment of our program as a career coach

Adrian (Side Hustler)

Created her first 6k month as a career coach

Kelly (Side Hustler)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a business coach


Signed her first high ticket clients as an English pronunciation coach

Kristina (Side Hustler)

Left her lawyer career to become a digital nomad (Fitness coach)

Clara (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 11 high ticket clients ever as a financial coach

Kim (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 9 clients in 3 months as a coach for wildlife photographers

Alyssa (Side Hustler)

Even though our clients have been able to create fantastic monetary results in their business through out coaching and using our process... That's just the surface of it. For many, their transformations after the program go much deeper than what you might see on their social media. 

Here are some other incredible results that many of our clients have created:

Note: The numbers are just the surface-level results 

There's no shortage of coaches with similar skills or people who have already created more success selling the same thing you are. But by the end of our program, you'll have 10x belief in the value and impact of your work (and have the business results + client results to show)


For 99.99% of our clients, they have other priorities outside of their business (or career). This includes family, relationships, social life, health, travel, rest, etc. Because we spend less time on the business, we are able to have more time for life

More Time Spent for Personal Life

Feeling calmer, more confident, and more sure of their own voice or sense of self are the most common feedback I hear from clients. This is all I want for our clients - To be happy entrepreneurs who genuinely like themselves, their life, and their business.

Calm, Confidence, & Sense of Identity


Our Signature Curriculum

1.1 Your Bare Minimum 6 Month Business Plan
1.2 Managing Your Thoughts & Energy
1.3 Managing Your Time


2.1 The Skill of Self Coaching
2.2 Identity = Deciding Who You Are
2.3 Next Level You


3.1 Your Money Making Theory
3.2 Building an Honest, Genuine, and Uniquely Differentiated Brand
3.3 Building a Community & Being a Leader


4.1 Making Offers & Talking About How You Help People
4.2 Your Super Simple and Creative Soft Launch Plan
4.3 Simple Sales Calls 

Hi! I'm Cheryl. For the first three years of my business, I was building my business on top of my career. We even created a 6-figure year in 2021 (even as a "side hustler" in grad school) before deciding to leave my PhD to become a full-time coach

I've seen how the business has not only changed the lives of our awesome clients, but it's also changed my own and that of people I care most about. Because of the pandemic, my husband and I were separated for nearly two years, and it was the business that allowed me to feel safe enough to leave my career in order to move to Singapore to start a new life with my husband in 2022. THIS is why I believe so much in the power of building your own side hustle.

And yes, I use the word "side hustle" very intentionally :) Because even if your business is your main income source, my wish for all of us is to build our business in a way that let's us ACTUALLY have time for the other parts of our life that matter to us. 

Meet Your Coach

QUESTION #1: Do you only work with side hustlers or people with a full-time job?

ANSWER #1: Nope! Although most of my clients are side hustlers, I'd say 10% are full-time entrepreneurs. Whether you have a 9-5 or you're doing the business full-time, we'll still focus on building your business on part-time hours so you can ultimately choose to make time for other parts of your life.

QUESTION #2: Do you only work with coaches?

ANSWER #2: Not always! Even though most of my clients do have coaching businesses, I've worked with a few service-based entrepreneurs (ex: web designer, calligraphers who have in-person services or do commission artworks, etc).

QUESTION #3: What "stage" of business are most of your clients?

ANSWER #3: Our clients typically fall into one of the two scenarios:

๐Ÿ‘€ Scenario 1: You have worked with other coaches or have bought courses, but you're still not getting results because you don't like the strategies that was being taught. After months or even a year of trying to make your business work, you're still not seeing results. You might have signed a few clients, but it's not consistent. Now, you're feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and questioning whether things will ever work. 

๐Ÿ‘€ Scenario 2: You're starting your business from complete scratch. You don't have any social media accounts for your business, and you don't even post much on your personal accounts to begin with. Right now, what you need most is confidence and clarity in what to do, and working on a game plan that you don't have to second-guess whether it's working and ultimately start signing your first few clients.


Last thing: I believe we can all have a 6 figure business...

Even as a "side hustler" :) 

Inside our coaching, we're going to create wildly successful businesses that feel like a passion project AND makes a ton of money and helps a ton of people.

Sounds good? Awesome. Let's get to work