For coaches and service-based entrepreneurs who want to sign consistent high-ticket clients in a way that does NOT feel like a second full-time job.

Coaching Programs

→ Build your business on part-time hours and in a simple, authentic, and effective way

→ Become known for your unique thought leadership

→ Sign high-ticket clients for your signature offers

→ Master the skill of soft launching for marketing your signature offers 

→ Create more options for your life and career so you can ultimately make more time for what matters most to you in life

What We'll Work On Together

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"


Here's what several past clients have said about working together.

Crystal G. (Nutrition & Mindset Coach)

“I’ve invested in other business coaching programs and courses before, but Cheryl’s program was so different! Before working with Cheryl, I was not signing ideal clients or charging high ticket for my program. My to-do list felt overwhelming. Business felt hard. 

Working with Cheryl was a very eye-opening experience. She has debunked lots of myths and “rules” in business. She showed me how business could be so fun, authentic and simple! Cheryl has also guided me to develop my thought leadership and discover my unique stories, which has helped me create content that deeply resonates with my audience.

Since working together I’ve signed 5 high ticket clients that I really enjoyed working with, made back 2x the program investment and I’m feeling great about my business and the impact I make.

What I like most about Cheryl’s approach is that she combines business strategies and mindset coaching together! Through Cheryl’s coaching, I’ve learned what real coaching is and I’ve also become a better coach for my clients!” 

Brittany T. (Web Designer)

“I worked with Cheryl in May 2020 for 1:1 and in April 2021 for group coaching. Cheryl has TOTALLY evolved as a coach. In the first round, Cheryl helped me develop my confidence and content ideas showing up on Instagram and Twitter as a web designer. I gained multiple paid speaking and writing opportunities through organizations such as STEM Advocacy and the American Chemical Society’s Chemical and Engineering News.

Between working 1:1 and before starting her group coaching program, my business got more stressful as my life was getting more stressful.

During and after her group coaching program, Cheryl provided so much understanding and support for me. She helped me recognize my true purpose for my business and figure out how to run my business MY way. In addition, I also made about 8K USD during our time together.

Now that I am a PhD student I am so happy that I started my business and worked with Cheryl. I am confident that I can always create additional income for myself.”

Stephanie P. (Coach for Food Entrepreneurs)

“Not only did Cheryl help me get my first 5 clients, she has coached me through so many of my doubts and has guided me in transforming my mindset around showing up online – not just for my audience and potential clients, but for myself. That’s powerful!

She has helped me realize that I had a lot of limiting beliefs around what I shared in my content and how I shared it. (I am always second-guessing myself.) She helped me realize that what I had to say in the way I said was important and people would be very interested in hearing my viewpoint. She encouraged me to step further into my voice as a coach and expert within my specific niche and in the online space as a whole.

Cheryl pours her heart, soul, time, and energy into her clients to help them realize their own potential within the online space. She is generous with her resources, skills, and materials and never leaves you feeling like you are doing this on your own. Every time I’ve had a question, a doubt, or just needed an opinion, Cheryl always had an intelligent perspective that I didn’t consider.” 

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

And the truth is: Your business is NOT just something that’s just “nice to have”. It’s not just a “cute little side hustle”. It’s a serious business that makes a serious income and a serious impact. This work MATTERS. You see. The reason why I started this business is because I believe in defining success on our own terms instead of following cookie-cutter career paths just to impress others and look good.

As a law school dropout, I know what it’s like to subscribe to traditional notions of success. I went to law school believing that this is THE way to be “successful”. I soon learned that this doesn’t have to be the case. That’s why it is now my mission to help new or growing entrepreneurs create a business that’s both profitable and sustainable so that eventually, they can have the OPTION to choose their own life and career paths, AND have the option to make time for what matters most to them in life.

I get it. You want to do work that makes an income AND an impact.

You want to help others, grow your income, and create more options in your life or career.

You also want to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, which have kept you from sharing your own story, message, ideas & perspectives that are crucial to building your thought leadership and become known as an authority in your niche.

You also want to learn the exact action steps to sign high-ticket clients and build demand for your offers. You’ve seen others make 5-10k months, and you want to do this for yourself (even as a side hustler) so you can have more options in your life or career.

To top it off, a business can create more time and location freedom later on. Whether you want to go full-time into the business or you need to take a leave of absence from work, a business can allow you to safely do so and be present for what matters most to you.

Here's How We Can Work Together

The 1:1 Program

The Group Program

The 6-month 1:1 Program is a high-touch and highly personalized experience to help you start creating 5-10k months in your coaching business (even on top of a 9-5) by focusing on both your business strategy and mindset and building your business on part-time hours. 

This is perfect for you if you’ve been running your business for at least a few months (and maybe you’ve even invested in other coaching programs or courses before), but you still aren’t seeing the results that you want. This is for those who are ready to take their business to the next level.

The 6-month Group Program is for those who want to start signing clients for your coaching or service-based business, and to do it in a way that does NOT feel like a second full-time job.

Here, we will help you lay down a solid foundation both in terms of the strategy and the mindset. You’ll also be immersed in a small and supportive community. Our Group Program does NOT follow a curriculum that everyone follows week after week (unlike other group programs out there). Instead, you'll get highly personalized coaching and specific feedback on your business every week.


Here's what's inside each of the Programs.

24x 1:1 coaching calls (6 months)

1:1 WhatsApp message support

Ongoing feedback on your work

The private client portal of exclusive trainings and resources

BONUS: All guest expert trainings

BONUS: All group workshops & trainings

BONUS: All other digital courses & products

The 1:1 Program

The Group Program

24x Group coaching calls (6 months)

Messaging support inside a private Slack community

Ongoing feedback on your work

The private client portal of exclusive trainings and resources

BONUS: All guest expert trainings

BONUS: All group workshops & trainings

BONUS: All other digital courses & products

BONUS: 1:1 calls for those who join early

$5500 USD or 6 x $1000 USD

$3500 USD or 4 x $950 USD



The next cohort of the Group Program starts on March 1, 2022.

If you join before February 13, 2022, you’ll get a bonus 1:1 call for each month before the Program officially starts. These bonus 1:1 calls are for us to map out a personalized action plan for you to implement on.

Ex: if you join in January 2022, you’ll get a bonus 1:1 call in January and February. And yes, you are welcome to join as early as you wish 🙂 (Note: Max of 3x monthly 1:1 calls will be offered). Click HERE to apply.


Crystal created her first 5k month ever after just one month of working together (on top of her 9-5; Nutrition & mindset coach)

Betty signed her first four high-ticket clients during the first nine weeks of the Group Program (on top of a 9-5; Career coach for creatives) 

Kelly created her first 6k month (on top of being a parent and adjunct lecturing; Career coach)

Esther made back her entire investment of the Group Program in just one week, after we literally built her coaching business from scratch (Business coach)

Recent Client Wins

Kristina T. (English Pronunciation Coach)

“I started working with Cheryl because I felt really lost and discouraged in my own business. And I am so glad I made this investment!!!

I learned how to view my business from a different perspective which resulted in my life and business feeling much less stressful – and even fun!!

While working with Cheryl, I was able to sign high ticket clients (which I originally thought was impossible in my niche) and almost made back my entire investment of the 1:1 Program with Cheryl. I was even invited to speak at colleges, language schools, and speaking clubs!

Cheryl was my first business coach and she definitely didn’t hold back when it came to finding out what things were keeping me stuck. She always asked the right questions which would then allow me to see how I was doing things from a more helpful perspective. I’m so excited to see where I will be a year from now!!!”

Alyssa B. (Coach for Wildlife Photographers)

“I did not have a business mindset prior to working with Cheryl. Even though I truly wanted to share my passion and expertise with the world, I had no idea where to start. A huge fear I had was judgement from my peers, which we worked extensively on together.

Cheryl has helped me challenge my limiting beliefs and push me to make steps in my business that I would not have been able to do myself. Cheryl is persistent and pushes you because she really wants to see you achieve your goals! She’s set a clear pathway for success, and her program really works!

After just a few weeks of working together, and two weeks after launching, I was able to sign on my first 3 clients! More than that, I’ve been able to develop the confidence to trust in who I am, and how my business is serving my community.”

Ariana D. (Mindset Coach for Graduate Students)

“Working with Cheryl gave me the skills and confidence to launch a business within 3 weeks. I was able to do market research, create my signature offer, and book 3 clients within one month.

Over that time I was able to get clarity on my content and show up consistently on my social media platforms which resulted in reaching over twelve thousand accounts, gaining over 200 followers, and having consistent engagement on my content.

Cheryl showed me that starting a business and building an online brand isn’t complicated or difficult. Her program makes showing up online and building an online business accessible to anyone. She provided endless support and so many useful tools that helped me make quantum leaps towards my goals. If I had to figure this out on my own, it would have taken me so much longer and I would not have had the confidence to do it.”

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

First, I’m a side hustler myself and have built a 6-figure (100k+ USD) coaching business while working on my PhD. I focus on doing the bare minimum number of things, but I do each things with intention and strategy.

I’ve also worked with clients from around the world, including Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Mongolia, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. I helped them sign high-ticket paying clients while having time for other areas of life that matter to them (ex: Career, family, relationships, fun, etc).

My approach when working with clients is focused on 1) Personalization and co-creation 2) Simplicity and 3) Transparency + zero sugar-coating (I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear)

Fun fact: I’m also known as an expert in soft launching!

My Approach

Brittany created 8k throughout our Group Program (on top of a 9-5; Web designer)

Kristina almost made back her entire investment (on top of a 9-5; English pronunciation coach)

Adrian signed his first high-ticket client by the second week of the Group Program (on top of a 9-5; Career coach)

Alyssa signed 9 clients in 3 months (on top of a 9-5, Coach for wildlife photographers)

Recent Client Wins

Jennifer H. (Life Coach for Introverts)

“Working with Cheryl, I took my self-acceptance and self-confidence to another level. She also helped me redefine success and consistency in business so that they work for me.

Looking around, the entrepreneurs I met seemed so stressed. I sincerely thought that I would have to burn myself out to build a successful business, that I would have to sacrifice my health and joy in the short-term to earn freedom in the long-term, and that I would be saying that I wasn’t taking anything seriously if I was trying to do multiple things at once: a full life, a powerhouse career, and an impactful business. Cheryl showed me another way.

Business gets to be simple. I work hard, but I don’t have to hustle. I signed my first paying client after updating my IG bio to tell the world I’m a coach. Unbelievable before… but not now.

Finding the best coach for you is like having a real-life guardian angel 😇 They can’t make decisions for you or protect you from life, but they are there for you on your journey to listen, guide, and hold belief when you cannot. Cheryl did all of that for me and held 100% belief in me even when I didn’t have it for myself.“

Shandy H. (Productivity Coach)

“I was on the verge of giving up on the business because I was overwhelmed & tired from doing many different things all these on top of my 9-6. I’ve invested in other courses and another group-coaching program but none of them helped me build my business as a side-hustler.

Cheryl’s program and coaching resolved all that. She showed me that it is possible to build a business by focusing on the basics and doing it well. I never expected building a business on IG could be this enjoyable and simple

If it wasn’t for her honest feedback, I wouldn’t have known the limiting beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours that keep me stuck. I wouldn’t be able to build my confidence as an entrepreneur and show up for my audience. 

The 4 months in Cheryl’s coaching program is the best investment I’ve made so far. I know what I’ve learnt and accomplished from her program are not one-off (short-lived) transformations.”

Phung T. (Fitness Coach for WoC)

“I started an online business as a direct response to the pandemic, which potentially changed my niche (fitness) forever. It was a confusing time as a new graduate. I tried different courses and workshops, nothing seemed to work. I did not use social media much before all of this so it was very hard to show up authentically for my followers. I was getting stuck down onto the fads that almost made me compromise on my beliefs.

Cheryl’s coaching program solved all of my problems in setting a new online business. She not only helped me with appearing authentically and serving my followers, she also helped me create a standard of operation to accept new clients and not waste money on shiny object syndrome. 

Cheryl approached my deepest thoughts and beliefs. She was not afraid to make me uncomfortable to push me forward. Cheryl changed my life for the better, to believe in both my abilities and future. I am forever grateful to have her as a mentor.”

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.


“Before the Program, I had fewer than 5 DMs or inquiries. In just 4 months, I’ve had 10+. I also had my first $6k USD month.

Working with Cheryl was great. I really gained a lot of confidence in the content I was putting out there. I definitely felt more positive about doing my discovery calls because I had been taught a different way previously and it didn’t suit my personality.

And while I didn’t think I needed mindset work, I definitely did. That was an added bonus. I also now know that I don’t have to do ALL THE THINGS all the time to get results.

I would definitely recommend working with Cheryl. She’s really knowledgeable, easy to get along with and genuinely cares about her clients.

I also liked how the calls were structured, and really liked the extra workshops. Those were a huge help for me and I liked being able to look back at them to revise things.“


"Cheryl was not only a coach, but also a friend, mentor, and role model.

Cheryl Theory aims to simplify and execute a side hustle into reality. Cheryl leads by example with her approach while managing school, personal life, and a coaching business. All of which can be difficult to manage, but Cheryl’s methodology allows for a balance while achieving meaningful results. 

As a coach, she shows up with authenticity, authority, and vulnerability, which are key aspects that allow her to lead by example.

Most importantly, she coaches and asks the difficult questions one might not want to hear but is necessary. She is able to guide me outside of my comfort zone and help shape who I am today.

The majority of my time with Cheryl focused on business strategy and mindset, which are two key components I feel are important to me."


“Two weeks after I launched my program I signed my first paying client!!

This has definitely not been easy, but let me tell you that Cheryl truly cares. She is so knowledgeable about the online coaching world and does not hold back sharing what she knows.

She was there with me throughout this entire process, and all of the mental struggles in between. What I loved is that she lets (even encourages) me to be me and helps me create the program and my business in a way that truly aligns with who I am.

Now, I'm on way to getting even more clients and I'm feeling so much more confident with my work and how I show up online! Honestly so thankful I got to work with Cheryl!”