Become a prolific and consistent solopreneur in the most relaxed way possible

Cowork & Chill with Cheryl

This is *especially* for the solopreneur who has invested in all the coaching programs, workshops, and courses on business, marketing, sales, and content… 

But you’re struggling to:
✨ Hold yourself accountable to alllll the things you said you’d do in your business  

✨ Figure out what your unique voice is (and showcase that in your content and marketing)  

✨ Get everything done without sacrificing the other parts of your life that matter to you (ex: Rest, social life, health & fitness, doing artsy things, volunteering with cats, etc) 








Cowork & Chill with Cheryl is going to CHANGE THE GAME FOR YOU

You’re struggling to stay consistent with your content and marketing

You WANT to build your name and become a go-to in your niche or industry, but the process of creating content is just taking so damn long and you feel a lot of friction every, single, week

You LOVE the feeling of publishing new content and you are stoked to share your work online… But then you dread having to start the process all over again next week

Here’s what’s happening…

And here’s what you want: 

  • You want to NOT sound like every other entrepreneur giving out generic or basic how-to tips

  • You want to learn how to organize your content in a way that is not just clear and structured, but also very engaging for your audience

  • You want to be much faster and more efficient, especially when it comes to writing content (both long and short form) 

  • You want someone to tell you if you’re writing the right thing, if this sounds clear enough, and if what you’re talking about is too basic or generic

  • You want someone to give you tailored feedback and tell you what to improve on 

  • You want help getting all your best ideas out of your head because you lowkey don’t feel like what you have so far is good enough

  • You want to be more confident in your ideas and the stories you want to share because honestly, there’s a LOT you want to say... But you’re scared to share it

  • You want accountability - Someone who can kick your ass and get you to work when you want to potato and procrastinate instead

In CCC, there are no video modules that you have to spend hours and hours to digest

It’s you and me in a chill AF digital room (or in person, if you're also based in Singapore) to hash ideas out and translate all of your brilliance into content pieces that are ready to go. 

Together, we will put our big, beautiful brains and hearts together and GET LOTS DONE quickly, efficiently, and with creativity, boldness, and impact. 

Here’s where CCC comes into the picture: 

Write a good ass 20-30 minute podcast episode script that you can record immediately after 

Rewriting your sales page for your offer or that email sequence you’ve been putting off for a whole month 

*Finally* starting that blog or LinkedIn newsletter (and staying consistent with it for not just the next 12 weeks, but beyond)

Get HOURS and HOURS of content done on our call so you can go live a joyful and relaxed life for the rest of the week

We can get a LOT of things done in one hour, such as…

What working together will look like:

Before each call, you’ll get a pre-work assignment (i.e. Pen & Paper Time) to get your creative juices flowing.

This will also set the direction for the content we’ll create in our upcoming 1:1 call

For example, maybe you’ll be asked to use this Pen and Paper Time to hash out a framework you want to teach in your upcoming podcast episode.

Or, I’ll have you map out a clear, easy-to-follow structure that helps your audience digest all of the value and storytelling that you’re weaving into your sales email. 

And yes, you’re encouraged to have a glass of wine or a cozy hot beverage during your Pen & Paper Time.

Then, we’ll get TO WORK on our 1:1 session 👀

And no, I’m not *just* going to stare at you while you type furiously on your keyboard during the session. 

If you feel stuck and have no clue what to write - I got you. I’ll be prompting you with thought-provoking questions the entire time so we can get your most brilliant ideas out of you

I’ll also be scanning your work on the spot to analyze where you’re sounding like someone else (instead of writing in your unique, authentic voice) and providing feedback in real-time on where and how we can elevate the depth and caliber of your content 

Coworking with Cheryl is like using ChatGPT… Except better.

Why? Because I’m going to know you better than ChatGPT ever will and can coach you on the spot so we can help you create your BEST work yet, week after week. 

*Cheryl - 1
*ChatGPT - 0

Speaking of Cheryl…

THIS is precisely why CCC exists 

Hi, I'm Cheryl, and I get a LOT of things done and still have a chill AF life

My content creator / solopreneur street cred:

  • I started my podcast in October 2020 and have been posting weekly ever since

  • I also create weekly content on Instagram, LinkedIn, and email… As a solopreneur

  • My podcast also won the 2023 Golden Crane Award (from the Asian American Podcasters Association)

The most common question I get is "Cheryl, how do you do it all? How do you balance it all and still get everything done?" In fact, my most downloaded podcast episode in 2023 was Episode 108: How to Structure Your Week as a Side Hustler

Needless to say, my peeps are high achievers who want to do it all - They want to attract cool opportunities (ex: Paying clients, speaking gigs, etc) AND still be able to make time for the non-work parts of their life that matter to them.

12 sessions of 1:1 calls with a coach who will :

  • Highlight the things you’re awesome at and help you bring out even more of that

  • Identify the gaps in your content

  • Bolster your confidence in your own story and ideas

  • Offer specific suggestions to sharpen and tighten up the language you’re using in your content

Private messaging and content feedback support between sessions to answer ongoing questions, provide tailored reviews on your work, etc

The Logistics 


Note: Please use the link above if you are choosing the pay-in-full option. After you complete your payment, you'll get an onboarding email within 24 hours. If you prefer a payment plan, email and I'll get you set up :)


“Holy shit. My content is sooo good now?!?!?!?!?!” → Yes. You’ll be so proud of your work and have zero qualms about showing up online moving forward because you KNOW your content is good

“OMG I have so much more free time now” → Yes. Kick your week off with our 1:1 call, finish your content early in the week, and spend the rest of your week just chilling and living your best life ✨✨✨

“WOW I don’t even feel like I need to secretly copy and paste my competitors’ content into Google Docs and try to reverse engineer how to write my own content…” → Yes. If anything, peeps will now be creeping you and looking to you for inspo 💁‍♀️

A LOT can happen in just three months 👀

In 3 months, you’ll look back at your work and see LIGHTYEARS of difference in who you are, in the quality and caliber of your content, and how you feel about your content moving forward 

To summarize, CCC is designed to help you:

1. Get LOTS done in a lighthearted and efficient AF way

Get ready to become a speedy content ninja. For reals! I want you to do good work, create good content, and help a lot of people… And still be able to go out and live your life. 

2. Become prolific and consistent with your body of work

What’s going to happen is that you’ll have more content output than ever before (without needing to spend more hours per week on this)... And when you have a consistent and compelling body of work that reflects your voice, THIS is precisely what will set you up for cool ass opportunities in 2024 and beyond 

3. Recognize your own voice and express that confidently through your content 

Through my prompts and questions, you’ll start to see your own work from a different perspective. I’ll help you pick up on the nuances of your voice and identify when/where/how you’re *trying* to speak like someone else. There will be no judgment at all - I got you, and you got this

The more prolific and consistent you are, the more momentum you build in the other areas of your business and life 

Right now, you KNOW you’re ready to COMMIT to changing the trajectory of your business and life by first becoming a highly prolific and consistent in your content output

Maybe 2024 didn’t start the way you wanted… But guess what? We’ve got MONTHS left in the year. I want you to look back on December 31 2024 and be amazed at how massively you’ve up-levelled in both your commitment to your goals and the body of work you’ve built this year 


If you’re willing to put in the reps week after week for the next 3 months, then I invite you to join Cowork & Chill with Cheryl.

Sounds good?
Awesome. Let’s get to work.

Note: Please use the link above if you are choosing the pay-in-full option. After you complete your payment, you'll get an onboarding email within 24 hours. If you prefer a payment plan, email and I'll get you set up :)


Is this only for podcasters? 

Nope, we can also work on your social media content or other long form content 👀 

Whether you want to leverage CCC to help you create superb podcast episodes OR you want to focus on something else (ex: Blog posts, emails, sales pages, LinkedIn content, Instagram content, etc)... All of that is totally within the scope of CCC

This program is meant to be your creative & strategic content partner



Can I book a discovery call? 

For sure! This is a space for us to talk more about what your content situation is looking like, and to answer any questions you might have about how CCC can support your 2024 goals 

Book a call here


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