Episode 10. DM Nightmares, Authenticity, and Other Sales Tips with Ruby Lin

Today, we have Ruby Lin with us to talk about selling on social media and how to NOT be a nightmare in the DMs.

Ruby Lin aka Ruby Sparks is known for her Energetically Aligned Sales Philosophy and other fun (but value-packed) rants on Instagram. With a decade’s worth of experience under her belt in the corporate and start-up space, she’s now coaching new entrepreneurs on how to build their business on their own terms. 

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • What many business coaches get wrong when teaching their clients about sales 
  • How Ruby and Cheryl developed a genuine relationship in the DMs
  • Why DM scripts are a total turn off and give off an inauthentic energy
  • The dangers of blindly following other business coaches’ advice and strategies (and what to do instead) 
  • And other miscellaneous tips on selling online!

You can find Ruby at @rubysparks.co on Instagram