Episode 18. Growing a Successful Business as an Academic with Toyin Alli

Today, we have Toyin Alli with us to talk about how to build a business even while being in academia.

Toyin Alli is a content creator and full-time Lecturer at the University of Georgia. She received her PhD in Mathematics from the University of Alabama in 2016 and started her business one year later. Since then, Toyin has started The Academic Society to help graduate students succeed in grad school through time management, productivity, and accountability.  

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • Challenges faced as an academic side hustler or entrepreneur 
  • Common misconceptions people have about starting a side hustle 
  • How to build an audience online 
  • And other time management + productivity tips! 

You can find Toyin at @theacademicsociety_ on Instagram or visit her website www.theacademicsociety.com.

Toyin’s Free Masterclass: “How to Know What to Expect in your First Semester so that you Don’t Have to be Anxious about Starting Grad School” https://www.theacademicsociety.com/gradboss

Toyin’s Free Side Hustle Cheatsheet + Mini-Course:  “How to Start a Side Hustle in Academia” https://www.theacademicsociety.com/side-hustle-cheatsheet