Episode 45. I Want to Start a Business Because I Hate My Job… Now What?

Today, we’ll be responding to a question I got in my DMs, which was:

“Hello Cheryl, may I have your advice? I got interested in entrepreneurship about a year ago when I read Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets. The strategy and funnel concept made me feel amazed. But after wasting thousands in courses, I found myself becoming a funnel designer but not strategist, and I dont have experience to become a funnel coach. And I dont enjoy being a funnel designer, I designed some funnels for 6,7-fig earners, make only $500, one even took my design and ghosted me. Then I thought if I dont have a killer offer, I shall develop a high income skill to help sell other’s killer offers. But not sure if it’s the right path, and which skill to pick. I just dont want to waste any more time because im stuck in my current position and really hate myself being that. I have a stable job, but absolutely hate myself with it and want to get rid of it, do something giving freedom and impact to myself and others, just exactly like what you’re doing. Thank you for reading it”

Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • Feeling as if you’ve wasted money in courses or other programs
  • What to do if you aren’t experienced enough to be a coach
  • What to do if you don’t have a “killer offer”
  • High-income skills
  • What to do if you have a stable job but you’re unhappy with your situation