Episode 56. Excelling in Academia + Business & Dealing with Twitter Trolls with Dr. Ramon Goings

Today, we have Dr. Ramon Goings with us to talk about how he has built a thriving business on top of his academic career, being a father, and so much more.

Dr. Ramon Goings is an award-winning researcher and founder of The Done Dissertation, a dissertation consulting firm that helps doctoral students and doctoral programs break down the dissertation process into manageable pieces so that doctoral students can finish their dissertations in one year (or less). 

As an assistant professor in the Language, Literacy, & Culture doctoral program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and is the author of over 60 publications. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to help over 100 doctoral students navigate the dissertation process and support their journeys to become college professors, K-12/higher education administrators, and consultants. 

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • Why it’s important and relevant for academics to have a side hustle business (even on top of their professional career or personal life)
  • How to deal with criticism and skepticism from colleagues, as well as “anti-side hustle” trolls on Twitter 
  • Misconceptions about side hustlers, and how it’s actually more simple and manageable than you might think 

You can find Dr. Goings on Instagram at @donedisscoach or on LinkedIn

Visit www.14secretsbook.com to grab a copy of 14 Secrets to a Done Dissertation: A Guide to Navigating the Dissertation Process and Finishing in Record Time

And finally: Too learn more about the Done Dissertation Velocity Group Coaching Program, you can visit www.velocitydissertation.com