Episode 58. From BigLaw Dropout to Creating a Life That’s Lit with Ryan Spence

Today, we have Ryan Spence to talk about how he went from corporate lawyer to #BigLawDropout and is now creating a LIT life as an entrepreneur. 

Ryan Spence is a Life Coach, Certified High-Performance Coach™️ & Yoga Teacher who helps lawyers & corporate professionals gain greater clarity, confidence, and courage in their lives and careers.

A Christmas holiday in Bali was the trigger that sent Ryan on a personal development quest that ultimately took him from BigLaw lawyer to BigLaw dropout. Driven by his own experience of corporate life, Ryan’s mission is to encourage and inspire his clients to raise their ambition, take action to push beyond fear, and embrace the unknown so that they can move from a life of lethargy to a life that’s Lit! 🔥

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • The reason Ryan left his fancy corporate job as a BigLaw lawyer, and chose to create a new path as a coach
  • Challenges that he faced while making this transition
  • Ryan’s signature framework to help you go from lethargy to a life that’s LIT
  • And other practice tips & mindset shifts