Episode 60. Breaking Down The Biggest Entrepreneurial Mindset Blocks with Shirley Huang

Today, we have Shirley Huang to talk about some of the biggest mindset blocks that coaches and entrepreneurs face when building a business. 

Shirley is a life coach who calms people’s anxiety/ fear so they can expand to the next level in their life, relationships, career/ business. She helps high achievers lead their life and craft their life path their own way. She is the host of Daring Living Podcast and runs a life coaching business called Daring Living.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • Why mindset work is relevant and necessary for entrepreneurs (And what it really looks like)
  • What is hustle mentality, how does that affects entrepreneurs, and how to become aware of it
  • Examining what consistency means as a content creator and how to be consistent in your business 
  • And other practice tips & mindset shifts 

You can find Shirley on Instagram at @daringliving 

You can also check out Shirley’s life coaching program here: https://daringliving.com/coaching/