Episode 66. Client Spotlight: Thought Leadership & Being a Leader for Introverts with Jennifer Ho

Today, we have one of my clients, Jennifer Ho, to share how she developed her unique thought leadership and is now making waves as a life coach for introverts. 

Jennifer guides introverts to be confident and charismatic leaders of their lives. She specializes in helping them navigate difficult situations, make decisions that feel good, and speak up for what matters most to them. All of this in the most introverted way possible – because that’s how they’re meant to be.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • How Jennifer’s own lived experiences as an introvert led her to become a life coach for fellow introverts 
  • What is thought leadership and how Jennifer is becoming known for her work and the unique value she brings to the coaching space 
  • How she coached clients create and attract professional or business opportunities, even if they once felt that being an introvert was a disadvantage 
  • And other fun plant metaphors and analogies!

You can find Jennifer on Instagram at @byjenniferho to learn more about her 1:1 coaching program, or you can visit her website https://byjenniferho.com/

Jennifer’s “Visit My Brain Self-coaching Workshop” which is a glimpse into her brain, is a free event happening on January 22, 2022 – To join, you can DM Jennifer on Instagram (The replay will be available for anyone who missed the live event)