Episode 68. Client Spotlight: Building a Coaching Business on Top of a Career + Other Creative Projects with Betty Xie

Today, we have one of my clients, Betty Xie, to share how she developed her unique thought leadership and is now making waves as a career coach for creatives. 

Betty is a filmmaker and a coach for creatives. She supports creatives to grow their career, practice, and income without the pressure or stress to meet other people’s expectations. 

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • What is thought leadership and how Betty is becoming known for her work and the unique value she brings to the coaching space (and creative industry)
  • Wearing different hats and making time for multiple areas of life on top of building a coaching business
  • Making money happily… Even if you feel that you’re mediocre in your craft
  • And other creative metaphors and analogies 😉

You can find Betty on Instagram at @bettyxcoach to learn more about her 1:1 coaching program, or you can visit her website https://www.xiebetty.com/coaching