Episode 79. Creating Results in Your Business by Doing the Bare Minimum Really, Really Well

Today, let’s talk about growing your online coaching business by doing the bare minimum number of things in your business really, really well. 

Specifically, we’ll look at:

  • How I’m structuring the brand new curriculum for our private clients to help them sign clients and grow their business by do the bare minimum really, really well
  • How this approach to business has helped me and our awesome clients sign clients, stand out in their industry, and feel genuinely happier in their day to day life 
  • Turn up the quality, energy, and impact of your content, marketing, messaging, brand, and selling so you can turn down the amount of time spent working on your business 

Edit: In the episode, I mentioned the date “Friday May 15 2022” – Only to realize afterwards that I meant to say “Friday May 13 2022” OOPS 🙂