Episode 8. Use Your Voice & Slay the Mic with Jam Gamble

Today, we have Jam Gamble with us to talk about using your voice.

Jahmeelah “Jam” Gamble is an award-winning media personality, sought out keynote speaker, and CEO behind “Slay The Mic”, a program that helps aspiring speakers, content creators, and entrepreneurs transform their voice into their ultimate superpower.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • If you aren’t talking about your ideas or work, how would anyone know about it?
  • The world doesn’t need just the loud, booming voices… They need the quiet voices too
  • Don’t hide behind your caption and perfectly curated photos… Just show up and start talking
  • Consistency on social media vs. mental health 
  • And other miscellaneous tips on Instagram and showing up!

You can find Jam at @iamjamgamble on Instagram or https://www.slayerofthemic.com/