Episode 90. Self Awareness, Healing, & Entrepreneurship with Jeremy Tan

Today, we are talking to Jeremy Tan to chat more about some topics that we don’t usually touch on in this show! 

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • An introduction into modalities and tools (ex: Psychological astrology, parts work, etc) and how they could help with raising self-awareness and adding context to certain behaviors in our business 
  • How Jeremy uses such tools to help his clients in both their business and personal healing journey  
  • And watch how Jeremy unpacks one of my own past behavioral patterns that has unknowingly seeped into my business (especially during the early years), how it held me back for a while, and how working through it has transformed my business results! 

Note: Some parts of the conversation are pretty deep but there’s also some super chaotic AF moments (especially near the end) LOL enjoy!

You can find Jeremy on Instagram at @sacred_saturn or https://sacredsaturn.com/ to learn more about his work and current offers