Episode 14. Calligraphy, Business Coaching, and Making Pivots with Dina Lu

Today, we have Dina Lu with us to talk about building a calligraphy business and growing her online business coaching practice.

Dina is a calligrapher, workshop instructor, and business coach based in Vancouver, Canada. Currently, she teaches calligraphy workshops (both on and offline), and coaches calligraphers around the world on how to start a profitable calligraphy business.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • Putting yourself out there + using social media to build your personal brand and business
  • Making business pivots during the pandemic 
  • Tips for running in-person events
  • And other practical tips, lessons, and golden nuggets of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs! 

You can find Dina at @dinacalligraphy on Instagram and on YouTube! Dina also has a series of 15 FREE video trainings for new entrepreneurs wanting to start a calligraphy business: https://dinacalligraphy.com/calligraphybizboss-challenge