Episode 15. Sustainable Visibility & Safety When Showing Up with Mai-kee Tsang

Today, we have Mai-kee Tsang with us to talk about a topic that’s relevant to all entrepreneurs – Building an online presence in a way that’s aligned to your values and allows you to feel safely seen and heard.

Mai-kee Tsang is THE Sustainable Visibility™ Mentor & Podcast Guesting Strategist. She helps introverted and purpose-driven rising leaders who want to become sustainably visible in order to expand their reach, grow their business on their terms, and make a DEEPER impact in the world. 

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • What is sustainable visibility and how does the sense of personal safety tie into the conversation of visibility?
  • Common limiting beliefs about showing up online 
  • The power of podcasting and podcast guesting 
  • And other practical and lovely tips on being seen and heard for who YOU are 

You can find Mai-kee at @maikeetsang on Instagram and on her podcast, The Quiet Rebels Podcast

Mai-kee also has an incredible resource for you if you’re interested in guesting on podcasts: 25Experts.MaikeeTsang.com

Finally, in this episode, Mai-kee mentions one of her podcast episodes, which you can listen to here.