Episode 21. Being a Successful Influencer, Content Creator, & Online Coach with Sisters You’ve Never Had

Today, we have Lisa Wei & Theresa Ng from Sisters You’ve Never Had to talk about how they’ve been able to become a successful influencer/content creator, online coach, and now hosts of an ultra-successful podcast!

Lisa and Theresa are NOT sisters by birth, but they are best friends who are honestly as close as sisters. Together, they launched a podcast called Sisters You’ve Never Had, which immediately hit 1500 downloads in just 3 days and even started to chart in the Comedy section on iTunes in Canada. Both Lisa and Theresa work a full-time job AND have their own successful side hustles going on.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • Factors that led to their success in their respective side hustles
  • How to deal with what people think, especially when building a brand or business
  • Common misconceptions people have about influencers, content creators, and online coaches
  • And other juicy details about their friendship and life as a side hustler!

You can find Lisa at @getawei, Theresa at @theresakng and @quarterlifecareers, and both of them at @sistersyouveneverhad or visit their website www.sistersyouveneverhad.com