Episode 22. Share Your Unique Story Boldly & Other Speaking Tips with Rae Fung

Today, we have Rae Fung with us to talk about showing up to share your story with confidence, clarity, and conviction.

Rae is a Speaking and Emcee Coach from Singapore who helps guide millennial entrepreneurs and coaches to Show Up and Speak Up with Boldness so they never let Fear get in their way!

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • How to have tough conversations when navigating parental or societal expectations 
  • Advice for finding your unique story if you feel like you don’t have anything to share (or maybe you feel like you’re a boring person)
  • And other speaking, networking, and mindset tips! 

You can find Rae at @raematrix on Instagram. 

You can also subscribe to Rae’s bi-weekly digital newsletter, which includes speaking and communication tips, templates, and worksheets: http://bit.ly/SSpeakersSpecial