Episode 23. Translating Your Struggles into an Impactful Business with Kevin Wee

Today, we have Kevin Wee with us to talk about creating meaning and impact out of your past challenges.

Kevin is a speaker and edupreneur from Singapore who runs Rebound with Resilience, a social enterprise that provides resilience-building and mental wellness education to local schools and organizations. The mission behind Rebound with Resilience is to nurture positive mental health and resilience in students and to support the employability of people with disabilities.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • Kevin’s journey with mental health and how this inspired Rebound with Resilience 
  • Advice for people who may feel held back by their personal past struggles
  • Navigating societal expectations about grades, career, and life pathways
  • Kevin’s most impactful moments while running his business
  • And more profound insights! 

You can find Kevin at @reboundwithresilience and @k.weee on Instagram or at http://reboundwithresilience.com/.

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