Episode 48. Creating www.cheryltheory.com with Brittany Trinh

Today, we have Brittany Trinh with us to talk about how she created the brand new www.cheryltheory.com 

Brittany is a WordPress web designer for visionary scientists and academic entrepreneurs. She designs websites that highlight their work, skills, and services so they can create an even BIGGER impact in their field. She is currently a PhD student in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • The behind-the-scenes look into how the new website was created
  • Brittany’s unique approach and process to web design
  • Tips for anyone who’s thinking about working with a web designer 
  • The value of having a website, especially for entrepreneurs 

You can find Brittany on Instagram at @brttnytrnh or check out her website at www.brittanytrinh.com