Episode 49. 100k Q&A

Today, we’ll be answering ten questions you had about my journey to my first 100k USD in business.

Specifically, the questions that were asked include:

  • Now that you’ve made your first 100k, what would you have done differently to get to it quicker?
  • Were there times when you had so much on your plate that you seriously considered giving up?
  • What are the key differences between starting out with no clients, slowly building your business, and now?
  • What helped you transform your belief when you first started coaching consistently?
  • Who did you have to become to reach that 100k mark? What identities did you have to let go of?
  • How many coaches or mentors did you work with?
  • Did you take any digital courses to establish your business? Any recommendations?
  • What is your take on being happy about business milestones versus finding happiness in the journey?
  • What struggles did you overcome on this journey?
  • Did you focus exclusively on promoting your business online?