Episode 50. Client Spotlight: How Crystal Made Back 2x Her Investment

Today, we have one of my clients, Crystal Gao, to share with us how she made back 2x her investment of our 1:1 Program. 

Crystal is a dietitian, nutrition & mindset coach. She’s passionate about helping Asian women break free from the yoyo-dieting cycle, heal their relationships with food and their body, feel truly confident inside out and achieve their health goals in a sustainable way.

Some highlights from the conversation are:

  • How Crystal went from not charging high-ticket for her program to signing her first 5 high-ticket clients and making back 2x her investment
  • What mindset shifts and strategies contributed most to Crystal’s wins inside our 1:1 Program 
  • How working with a coach and doing self-coaching & thought work has changed her business

You can find Crystal on Instagram at @asian.diet.freedom