What It Looks Like to Work Together

→ Building your business by doing the bare minimum number of things, but doing each thing really, really well

→ Becoming recognized for YOU and all your thoughts & ideas, lived experiences, honest opinions, etc (Instead of trying to look or sound like someone else just to be liked by potential clients)

→ Signing clients for your programs and standing out via your unique thought leadership (Not from trying to model after other successful people's content)

→ Simultaneously creating the time and space to be there for the what matters most to you in life (ex: People, travel, career, health, etc)

→ To do all this, we will approach your business from both a content + marketing strategy and mindset + identity angle


Below are a sneak peek into the amazing client results and wins we've created inside the 1:1 and Group Programs. It's pretty cool how much we can create, even on top of a career and making time for your personal life.


... Even if you have an insanely demanding 9-5 and you have big career goals

... Even if life happens and you need to take care of other priorities like family, health, your housing situation, etc

... Even if you've tried to grow your business for MONTHS but still aren't seeing results OR if you're brand new to this 

I am here to work alongside you through all the ups and downs of the journey. Business success can happen quickly, but be willing to be in the game for as long as it takes. 

Created her first 5k month as a nutrition coach

Crystal (Side Hustler)


The core skills we worked on were developing the client's unique thought leadership to stand out in their space, building a uniquely differentiated brand that is also honest and genuine to you, and ultimately signing 1:1 clients for your coaching or service-based offers (even on "part-time" hours)

Created her first 6-figure month (HKD) as a Chinese calligrapher

Mabel (Side Hustler)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a coach for creatives

Betty (Side Hustler)

Created 8k throughout the duration of our program as a web designer

Brittany (Side Hustler)

Created 6k in sales in one day as an imposter syndrome coach


Made back the full investment of our program as a career coach

Adrian (Side Hustler)

Created her first 6k month as a career coach

Kelly (Side Hustler)

Made back 2x her investment of our program as a business coach


Signed her first high ticket clients as an English pronunciation coach

Kristina (Side Hustler)

Left her lawyer career to become a digital nomad (Fitness coach)

Clara (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 8 high ticket clients ever as a financial coach

Kim (Side Hustler)

Signed her first 9 clients in 3 months as a coach for wildlife photographers

Alyssa (Side Hustler)

Even though our clients have been able to create fantastic monetary results in their business through out coaching and using our process... That's just the surface of it. For many, their transformations after the program go much deeper than what you might see on their social media. 

Here are some other incredible results that many of our clients have created:

Note: The numbers are just the surface-level results 

Whether our clients are side hustlers or full-time in their business, our approach helps them cut down the time they spend each week on their business. Rather than "needing to do more to 10x our results", we focus on keeping it simple and effective.

✨ Less Time Spent on the Business ✨

For 99.99% of our clients, they have other priorities outside of their business (or career). This includes family, relationships, social life, health, travel, rest, etc. Because we spend less time on the business, we are able to have more time for life

✨ More Time Spent for Personal Life ✨

Feeling calmer, more confident, and more sure of their own voice or sense of self are the most common feedback I hear from clients. This is all I want for our clients - To be happy entrepreneurs who genuinely like themselves, their life, and their business.

✨ Calm, Confidence, & Sense of Identity ✨


“I’ve invested in other business coaching programs and courses before, but Cheryl’s program was so different! Before working with Cheryl, I was not signing ideal clients or charging high ticket for my program. Business felt hard. 

Working with Cheryl was a very eye-opening experience. She showed me how business could be so fun, authentic and simple! Cheryl has also guided me to develop my thought leadership and discover my unique stories, which has helped me create content that deeply resonates with my audience.

Since working together I’ve signed 5 high ticket clients that I really enjoyed working with, made back 2x the program investment and I’m feeling great about my business and the impact I make.


Before starting her group coaching program, my business got more stressful as my life was getting more stressful.

During and after her group coaching program, Cheryl provided so much understanding and support for me. She helped me recognize my true purpose for my business and figure out how to run my business MY way.

In addition, I also made about 8K USD during our time together.

Now that I am a PhD student I am so happy that I started my business and worked with Cheryl. I am confident that I can always create additional income for myself.”


"I would like to say the biggest win is having signed 5 high ticket clients and doubling my investment, but honestly, building the muscle and mindset to run a coaching business is a much bigger win than the immediate result.

Cheryl’s unique approach and simplicity philosophy cut through the noise of a lot of business coaches out there.

I was worried about many things when I started working with Cheryl, and through our work together, those things ceased to be a concern. I show up on Instagram with the joy that I can make an impact, I have signed and worked with my ideal clients, and I am excited for the continued growth of my business and myself. 

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.


How We'll Create Amazingness

This is my signature method to helping you sign clients and ultimately make money in your business. This is based on the idea that your unique thought leadership, ideas, opinions, thoughts, and everything else inside your brain is not only of value to your ideal clients, but it can also make you money. By developing your own unique Money-Making Theory, you'll start to stand out within your niche and build demand for your coaching program.

Say goodbye to sales calls where clients say "Oh, thanks so much, but I'm still hopping on more calls with other coaches". Instead of comparing you with other coaches and choosing the person with the lowest price, clients will come to you with a clear knowing that YOU are THE coach for them, irrespective of your price. This is the power of the Money-Making Theory.


My philosophy when it comes to showing up online is to express the most honest and genuine version of yourself, rather than trying to aspire to an image or standard that you THINK will make you look more attractive to potential clients. This is how we will help you build a powerfully magnetic and elevated brand that is uniquely yours, doesn't feel fake or inauthentic, and will literally feel like a breath of fresh air for your ideal clients. The result? You attract your BEST clients who truly want to work with you , rather than clients who reluctantly chose to work with you because your prices were lower than another coach.


Why is this important? Because your business is meant to supplement your life rather than feeling like a second full-time job. If you're like me, then you're also building a business so that you can create more options and time, location, or financial freedom in your life. And in order to do this, we've got to make sure that you learn to manage your mind, energy, and time. What's the point of building a business if it's going to create so much stress and overwhelm that you can't even be there for the other areas of your life that you care about? Would that even be a business worth building? Very serious question. 


"A huge thank you to Cheryl for all her advice and support. I went from randomly throwing things against the social media wall to knowing exactly what to post, how to post it and when to post it.

Along the way we also worked on my positioning, restructured my offers, closed a neat 6-figures of business, and made important mindset shifts around how I use social media, how my clients use it and why more is not always better.

Thanks for being both a great coach and a great role model Cheryl!"


"Working with Cheryl has increased my confidence as a coach. With her support, I was able to bring in my first ever paid client who engaged me over a three-month period. 

Her advocacy for basics, consistency and persistence in everything from content creation to sales calls/closing has also helped me to land further clients and I was able to recover the cost of my investment into Cheryl’s programme. 

She also showed me that it is possible to be an authentic yet successful coach. Thank you Cheryl!"


"Working with Cheryl has been incredible. I’ve gotten results from Day 0. From signing my first coaching client to having fun in my business, I couldn’t have imagined that this was possible. I’m seeing my business and myself in a whole new light!

Cheryl’s strategies and theories are super simple and frankly underrated! They’re actually really impactful and align with my own values - which I really love! Cheryl is also an amazing coach! Sometimes she sounds quite fierce but I know it’s hard to communicate emotions through text. I felt super supported throughout the group program" 


The 1:1 Program

The Mastermind

✨ 24x Weekly 1:1 coaching calls

✨ 1:1 WhatsApp message support

✨ BONUS: Co-working sessions and other live events, workshops, etc that will be held during our time together 

✨ BONUS: The private Client Portal of exclusive trainings and resources

Program Length: 6 months

The investment: $5500 USD OR 6 X $1000

✨ 32x Weekly group coaching calls (We will ensure that the call times are catering to different time zones)

✨ Messaging support inside a private Slack community

✨ BONUS: Co-working sessions and other live events, workshops, etc that will be held during our time together 

✨ BONUS: The private Client Portal of exclusive trainings and resources

Program Length: 8 months 

The investment: $5500 USD OR 6 X $1000



The Mastermind will start on January 1, 2023. We will open enrollment in November. We would like to welcome only 8 awesome peeps into this round, and early birds who join in November or December 2022 will be invited to bonus biweekly group calls before we officially start in January. There will be a huge emphasis on community, having diverse conversations, and learning from each other. From now till January 2023, we will have 1:1 coaching spots open.



“I started working with Cheryl because I felt really lost and discouraged in my own business. And I am so glad I made this investment!!!

While working with Cheryl, I was able to sign high ticket clients (which I originally thought was impossible in my niche) and almost made back my entire investment of the 1:1 Program with Cheryl. I was even invited to speak at colleges, language schools, and speaking clubs!

Cheryl was my first business coach and she definitely didn’t hold back when it came to finding out what things were keeping me stuck. She always asked the right questions which would then allow me to see how I was doing things from a more helpful perspective. I’m so excited to see where I will be a year from now!!!”


“I did not have a business mindset prior to working with Cheryl. A huge fear I had was judgement from my peers, which we worked extensively on together.

Cheryl has helped me challenge my limiting beliefs and push me to make steps in my business that I would not have been able to do myself. Cheryl is persistent and pushes you because she really wants to see you achieve your goals! She’s set a clear pathway for success, and her program really works!

After just a few weeks of working together, and two weeks after launching, I was able to sign on my first 3 clients! More than that, I’ve been able to develop the confidence to trust in who I am, and how my business is serving my community.”


“Before the Program, I had fewer than 5 DMs or inquiries. In just 4 months, I’ve had 10+. I also had my first $6k USD month. Working with Cheryl was great. I really gained a lot of confidence in the content I was putting out there. I definitely felt more positive about doing my discovery calls because I had been taught a different way previously and it didn’t suit my personality.

And while I didn’t think I needed mindset work, I definitely did. That was an added bonus. I also now know that I don’t have to do ALL THE THINGS all the time to get results.

I would definitely recommend working with Cheryl. She’s really knowledgeable, easy to get along with and genuinely cares about her clients"

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.


"Working with Cheryl is like having my very own Business Doula. Cheryl’s program gave me the tools to cope with the pain of birthing a business. Cheryl helped me deal with all the doubts, fears, anxiety that came up to the surface in a gentle, loving and honest manner. 

I was not only able to meet my goals of working with multiple clients but I was also able to use the tools that Cheryl taught us in other areas of my life to create my best life. 

I also love that Cheryl leads us by example and she helps us discover our unique thought leadership to create the best impact for our people. I felt like you care so much for each of your clients. I felt like I could really open up to you without the fear of being judged. I was so surprised because I thought we were only going to talk about business, but your program is so much more than that"


"It may be unconventional, but I sought out business coaching with a priority to learn how to be a relaxed and joyful entrepreneur. That’s how I want to make money. I’m not here to be stressed out and hustling and grinding. I’m here to make an intentional and profitable impact while living my dream life.

Cheryl embodies that and has helped me with the groundwork and the foundation to do the same. She doesn’t hold back and has really helped me hone my critical thinking, develop a growth mindset, refine my self-coaching, recognize my marketing and content creation skills, build a habit of making offers, and grow my ability to coach anyone. 

Cheryl is the structure to the chaos in my mind. She meets me where I am from moment to moment while also keeping the big picture vision in sight for me.


"Cheryl changed my life. I was burnt out, I did not believe in my content, and I did not know what to do

Cheryl's coaching helped me a lot. She encouraged me to rest more. She challenged my thoughts by always asking me “Why not?” and reminds me that we all have the unique experiences and skills that others need to hear”. 

I am now very confident about my work. I truly believe that rest has also allowed me to create more and show up more for my businesses. Now, I always challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and have self-belief in myself.

Cheryl helps me see what I can’t see in myself. Now, I allow myself to rest in order to move forward with my business and create more content, without questioning myself"

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I was a side hustler for the 3 years of my business. I've built my business to 6-figures per year while pursuing a full-time career. To do this, I focus on doing the bare minimum number of things, but I do each things with intention and strategy.

I’ve also worked with clients from around the world, including Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Mongolia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Amsterdam, and the United Kingdom. I've helped them sign high-ticket clients while still making time for other areas of life that matter to them (ex: Career, family, travel, etc).

My approach when working with clients is focused on 1) Equal emphasis on mindset and strategy 2) Quality > Quantity and 3) A coaching style that is hones and transparent, firm but compassionate, and non-judgmental 

Within the business coaching space, I’m specifically known for helping you develop your unique thought leadership and for creating results even as a side hustler!

My Approach

QUESTION #1: Do you only work with side hustlers or people with a full-time job?

ANSWER #1: Nope! Although most of my clients are side hustlers, I'd say 15% are full-time entrepreneurs. Whether you have a 9-5 or you're doing the business full-time, we'll still focus on building your business on part-time hours so you can ultimately choose to make time for other parts of your life.

QUESTION #2: Do you only work with coaches?

ANSWER #2: Not always! Even though most of my clients do have coaching businesses, I've worked with a few service-based entrepreneurs (ex: web designer, calligraphers who have in-person services or do commission artworks, etc).