Making a full-time income on part-time hours is possible.

Cheryl Theory

The 1:1 Program

For coaches and service-based entrepreneurs who want to sign consistent high-ticket clients in a way that does NOT feel like a second full-time job.

What We're Here To Do

  • Start creating a full-time income on part-time hours in the simplest way possible
  • Get clear on what you want to be known for and how to start stepping into the role of a thought leader in your niche
  • Sign consistent high ticket clients on 2 hours a day (Because your business should not feel like a second full-time job)

Recent Client Wins

Brittany's business has generated multiple 4-figure months in 2021 since joining the Group Program. She is a web designer, is currently working a 9-5 job, and will be a full-time PhD student this fall.

Crystal signed 3 clients at $1800 and also hit her first 5k month after just one month of working together, despite having never signed any clients at the high ticket level prior to joining the 1:1 Program. Crystal has a day job and runs a nutrition & mindset coaching program.

Alyssa hit 4-figures in her first month of business and signed 9 clients in just 3 months. She is becoming known as a leader in the wildlife photography space, and also recently left her 9-5 to become a full-time entrepreneur.

Brand and Content Lab

“Not only did Cheryl help me get my first 5 clients, she has coached me through so many of my doubts and has guided me in transforming my mindset around showing up online - not just for my audience and potential clients, but for myself. That’s powerful!

She has helped me realize that I had a lot of limiting beliefs around what I shared in my content and how I shared it. (I am always second-guessing myself.) 

She helped me realize that what I had to say in the way I said it was important and people would be very interested in hearing my viewpoint. She encouraged me step further into my voice as a coach and expert within my specific niche and in the online space as a whole.

Cheryl pours her heart, soul, time, and energy into her clients to help them realize their own potential within the online space. She is generous with her resources, skills, and materials and never leaves you feeling like you are doing this on your own. Every time I’ve had a question, a doubt, or just needed an opinion, Cheryl always had an intelligent perspective that I didn’t consider." 

- Stephanie P. (Coach for Food Entrepreneurs)

I get it. You want to do work that makes an income AND an impact. That's important to you.

And the truth is: Your business is NOT just something that's just "nice to have". It's not just a "cute little side hustle". It's a serious business that makes a serious income and a serious impact. This work MATTERS.

You see. The reason why I started this business is because I believe in defining success on our own terms instead of following cookie-cutter career paths just to impress others and look good.

As a law school dropout, I know what it's like to subscribe to traditional notions of success. I went to law school believing that this is THE way to be "successful". I soon learned that this doesn't have to be the case.

That's why it is now my mission to help new or growing entrepreneurs create a business that's both profitable and sustainable so that eventually, they can have the OPTION to choose their own life and career paths. Whether that's full-time entrepreneurship or continuing to side hustle, I want my clients to have the CHOICE to pursue what they genuinely believe in.

In fact, this is also something I am exploring through my own PhD research.

Cheryl Lau
Cheryl Theory Testimonial

“When I signed up for Cheryl’s program I already knew it would be valuable to me. In the program, Cheryl brought even MORE value than I could have imagined. Before working with her, I was so lost with content creation and unable to find my own voice.

During the program, she provided so much expertise and many resources, which I would have NEVER figured out on my own. She coached me through my doubts and fears with selling. She’s supportive and honest in her feedback.

After just two weeks of working with her, I was invited to present a virtual talk and speak as a guest on a podcast! Now I feel more confident, disciplined, and motivated to show up for my brand and online business.”

Update: Since our work together, I’ve also been featured on 2 podcasts, and will be featured on another. I received an opportunity to be a mentor at the STEM Advocacy Institute and a facilitator for an event hosted by American Chemical Society’s Chemical & Engineering News. I also sold out my paid beta program and will be launching it soon!

- Brittany T. (Web Designer)

Brand and Content Lab Cheryl Lau

“Working with Cheryl gave me the skills and confidence to launch a business within 3 weeks. I was able to do market research, create my signature offer, and book 3 clients within one month.

Over that time I was able to get clarity on my content and show up consistently on my social media platforms which resulted in reaching over twelve thousand accounts, gaining over 200 followers, and having consistent engagement on my content.

Cheryl showed me that starting a business and building an online brand isn't complicated or difficult. Her program makes showing up online and building an online business accessible to anyone.

She provided endless support and so many useful tools that helped me make quantum leaps towards my goals. If I had to figure this out on my own, it would have taken me so much longer and I would not have had the confidence to do it.”

- Ariana D. (Mindset Coach for Graduate Students)

Side Hustle Lab Cheryl Lau

“I did not have a business mindset prior to working with Cheryl. Even though I truly wanted to share my passion and expertise with the world, I had no idea where to start. A huge fear I had was judgement from my peers, which we worked extensively on together. 

Cheryl has helped me challenge my limiting beliefs and push me to make steps in my business that I would not have been able to do myself. Cheryl is persistent and pushes you because she really wants to see you achieve your goals! She’s set a clear pathway for success, and her program really works!

After just a few weeks of working together, and two weeks after launching, I was able to sign on my first 3 clients! More than that, I’ve been able to develop the confidence to trust in who I am, and how my business is serving my community." 

- Alyssa B. (Coach for Wildlife Photographers)

You want to help others, grow your income, and create more options in your life or career.


You also want to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, which have kept you from sharing your own story, message, and original ideas & perspectives that are crucial to building your thought leadership and become known as an authority in your niche.


You also want to learn the exact action steps to sign consistent clients and build demand for your coaching programs. You've seen others make 5k and 10k months, and you want to do this for yourself so you can have more options in your life or career.


To top it off, you know that NOW is the time to start leveraging your brand and content to create new opportunities for your life and business. From paid speaking gigs to growing your network to hitting your first 4-figure months in business, a LOT can happen when we work together.

Who is the 1:1 Program for?

  • Coaches or service-based entrepreneurs who wants to make a full-time income on part-time hours
  • You've been trying to grow your business for several months, but still aren't seeing consistent results or hitting your income goals
  • You're starting to wonder if it's really another strategy that you need, or whether it's something else...

If you're tired of...

  • Wasting time on creating so much content but not getting any DMs or applications to your program
  • Giving up on your business (even if it’s just for a few days) because things got hard
  • Investing in other programs that promise you 5k months but (again) not seeing any results
  • Trying to learn another new strategy or hack because you've been implementing on everything, but it's simply not working

This is for you.

And if you're ready to...

  • Implement on a step-by-step plan of action that will help you sign consistent high-ticket clients
  • Get tailored feedback on your work (ex: content, copywriting, outlines, etc)
  • Keep things simple aka running your business on no more than 2 hours a day, max
  • Get coached HARD on your thoughts and mindset (Inside this program, the thought work and identity as an entrepreneur is just as important as the strategy)


Why work with Cheryl?

Cheryl Theory
  • First, I'm a side hustler myself and am currently making an income that far exceeds what I get in my 9-5. I started my business in 2019 while working a full-time job, and am now a full-time PhD student.
  • Side note: My research looks at how we can develop young people's identity capital via entrepreneurship so that we can improve their life and career outcomes + help them create more options in their lives!
  • I have built my business in a way that lets me spend only 2 hours a day on it... Because guess what? Your business should NOT feel like a second full-time job!
  • I’ve worked with clients from around the world, including Hong Kong, United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Mongolia, India, and Indonesia. I helped these incredible entrepreneurs sign on high-ticket paying clients and step into the role of a thought leader in their niche.
  • I’m consistently hitting 7k-10k months (USD in sales) in my business... Even on top of a 9-5/grad school.
  • My approach when working with clients is focused on 1) Personalization and co-creation (unlike other DIY courses or programs) 2) Simplicity (because there are too many other business coaches who complicate the entire process and make you feel like you need to do even more in order to sign clients) and 3) Transparency + zero sugar-coating (I will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear).
Cheryl Lau Side Hustle Lab
Cheryl Lau
Cheryl Lau
Cheryl Lau
Cheryl Lau
Cheryl Lau
Cheryl Theory Testimonial

“Cheryl was hands down, the best coach I’ve ever worked with.

She’s an expert at what she does and helped me immensely with my content strategy, creation process and personal brand, which was non-existent before I hired her :) 

If you’re looking for a coach who meets you where you’re at, over-delivers on what she promises and provides non-stop support through your entire experience, then Cheryl’s your girl.”

- Michele D. (Coach for Moms)

Cheryl is a fantastic coach and really cares about her clients. Her support and motivation got me from anxious, scared, and unsure where to start, to getting my first and second paid clients!

Cheryl checks in on me regularly, asks clarification questions to ensure I fully understand, and sets high expectations of me!

With those expectations that she’s set, I’ve been able to achieve them! I highly recommend Cheryl and I am sooo grateful for her coaching!!

- Theresa N. (Career Coach)

Cheryl Theory Testimonial

“Cheryl has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in my business journey. When I started working with her, I was unsure of my niche and I doubted myself a lot in my business idea and myself. Cheryl was able to help me move out of that mindset and switch right into #BossMode.

Within 2 months of working together, she helped me refine my niche, power up my personal brand on social media, launch my 1:1 coaching program and guess what, SCORE MY FIRST PAYING CLIENT.

Everything felt so quick and unreal, but it was real! She was very genuine, honest and helpful in the entire process and I really appreciate it.”

- Wendy V. (Content Marketer)

Here's What You'll Get


12x 60 min Strategy + Coaching Sessions (Valued at $2500)

During these calls, we’ll work on customized strategies that actually make sense for your business AKA it's actually geared towards helping you see results. You'll also get coached HARD on your mindset and thoughts (This is important). (Note: These sessions will be spread out over 18 weeks)


Unlimited Messaging Support (Valued at $1000)

You'll have access to me via Whatsapp at any time. Whether you’ve just gotten stuck or maybe you just achieved a major breakthrough, I'll be there to support you, push you, and cheer you on every step of the way! We will crush any imposter syndrome or self-doubt as soon as they come up - WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT.


Ongoing Audits and Feedback (Valued at $500)

You’ll receive ongoing feedback, comments, and audits on your work. This could include your copywriting, content strategy, outlines, and so on. Trust me when I say that my feedback is very detailed and analytical.


Tons of Worksheets, Scripts, Templates, Outlines, etc (Valued at $500)

These step-by-step resources have helped my clients and I (Yes, I use my own tools) to structure our businesses and implement on the strategies discussed on coaching/strategy calls. I truly believe that the amount of detail and level of organization in these worksheets is unparalleled within the coaching industry.


A Vault of Exclusive Trainings (Valued at $1000)

You'll get private access to 24 actionable video trainings that follow my 5-part signature framework to help you grow your business and sign clients (As of May 1, 2021: There is currently 518 min of content)


Guest Expert Trainings (Valued at $2000)

You'll get private access to 4 expert trainings about 5-figure group program launches, sales and marketing strategies if you have a small audience, networking for your business, and intentional podcast pitching from my super talented network of entrepreneur friends.


Access to All e-Books and Live Workshops (Valued at $500)

Finally, you'll get access to all past and future products such as the "5k Guide" e-book and the "5-Figure Soft Launches" Workshop.

Total Value of this Program = $8000 USD

Note: The values indicated above are the price for each component when sold separately

Your Investment

Option 1

$3500 USD

Option 2

4x Payments of $950 USD

Note: The next cohort of the Group Program starts in July (Details HERE). The Group is ideal for those who haven't signed any clients yet, while 1:1 is ideal for those who have more experience but still haven't hit 5k or 10k months yet.

Full-time income on part-time hours can be your new normal.

If you're ready to make this happen, please fill out an application form. Next, we will schedule a discovery call to get to know each other more and to see whether this program is a good fit for you. Then, you get to make an informed decision about joining the program. I'm so excited!

My clients typically fall into one of the follow categories:

You've been building your business for 4+ months but still aren't signing consistent high-ticket clients.

  • You've invested in some programs before but didn't get the results you want
  • You're starting to realize that it may not be ONLY the strategy or step-by-step information that you need, but you need an actual business coach to guide you

You're literally starting from scratch.

  • You've not started creating targeted content that builds demand and you don't have any content strategy
  • You've never "put yourself out there" online before
  • You have no clue what your first action steps are

Whichever of these two categories you fall into, I got you.

My clients have been able to see results such as:

  • Signing high-ticket clients consistently
  • Generate 4-figure months in business (on top of a 9-5)
  • Being invited to speak at virtual conferences, universities, or guest workshops because others recognize their expertise & thought leadership
  • Developing a resilient entrepreneurial mindset + 10x confidence that is critical to their business growth
  • And so much more
Cheryl Lau Side Hustle Lab
Cheryl Lau Side Hustle Lab
Cheryl Lau
Side Hustle Lab Cheryl Lau

“I am grateful to have worked with Cheryl in developing my brand. She is a treasure trove of knowledge. She has helped me revamp my outreach approach on various social media platforms to leverage my experience and skills. 

Implementing Cheryl’s strategies has helped me confidently and consistently show up on Instagram. 

Through her 1:1 coaching Cheryl helped me really hone my passion and purpose to make a bigger impact in education. Her detailed feedback and strategic approach towards developing content helped transform my social media posts and website to align my purpose to my career goals. 

Cheryl is a genuine coach that met me where I was in developing my brand, and because of her, I’m able to transform my career.

- Jessica S. (EdTech for Teachers)

Cheryl Theory

“Two weeks after I launched my program I signed my first paying client!! This has definitely not been easy, but let me tell you that Cheryl truly cares.

She is so knowledgeable about the online coaching world and does not hold back sharing what she knows. She was there with me holding my hand throughout this entire process, and all of the mental struggles in between.

What I loved is that she lets (even encourages) me to be me and helps me create the program and my business in a way that truly aligns with who I am. Now, I'm on way to getting even more clients and I'm feeling so much more confident with my work and how I show up online! Honestly so thankful I got to work with Cheryl!"

- Shirley H. (Life Coach)

Cheryl Theory

“Working with her has been an absolute pleasure because she truly cares about her clients and their results.

Since I am a full-time student and my focus shifts between school and business, she is patient with my school priorities but still keeps me accountable and on task in my hustle.

Cheryl has helped me determine my niche, strengthen my branding and encouraged me to take that next step of reaching out to clients instead of playing the waiting game in hopes that they’ll find me.

I highly recommend Cheryl not just because she will provide real tangible results but because she cares so deeply.”

- Bonnie V. (Food Blogger)

What is the 5-Part Signature Framework?

  • Thought leadership and brand positioning
  • Content strategy that builds authority and demand for your offers
  • Selling your high-ticket program
  • Amplifying your visibility
  • Mindset, self-belief, and identity as an entrepreneur

After you've mastered #1-3 and are signing on high-ticket clients consistently, we'll then scale what you're doing with #4. Throughout this entire process, we'll also go deep on your mindset and develop your confidence as an entrepreneur.

Recent Guest Expert Trainings

"Easy AF" 5-Figure Launches

Tiff Cheng


Podcast Pitching & Guesting to Grow Your Business

Mai-kee Tsang


Signing High Ticket Clients Even With a Small Audience

Ruby Lin

Rae Fung

Networking for Business & Creating Opportunities

Rae Fung


Cheryl Theory

“Cheryl has helped me get out of my comfort zone, and she continues to hype me up but also keep me accountable.

She provides genuine and valuable insights that helps me make informed decisions, and is genuinely wanting and happy in seeing me succeed and getting results. Her feedback is also honest and direct with no fluff or BS.”

“Update: Cheryl has pushed me to post content on LinkedIn. Because of this, I’ve been able to get a fully paid internship during COVID 19 times. The opportunity came to me largely based on what I've been posting online, and I’ve landed a few interviews where they didn't even ask for my CV because they were seeing what I shared online. At my current job, I feel valued for what I do.

- Natali A.

Side Hustle Lab Cheryl Lau

“Cheryl is great at listening and holding space. Before deciding to work with her, I felt like I wasn't doing "enough" on my social media. 

Through our time together, I realized that there is NO RIGHT WAY to show up, only the way that works best for you. 

After sifting through my ego and "shoulds" I came to an understanding that however I show up on social media is good enough. And that has opened up doors for me to be more myself and make my presence sustainable FOR ME.

Whatever your goal for your social media is, having a space to talk about it and sort through the technical and very not technical side of things, is invaluable. I wish we could work together, always!

- Tiffany T.

Cheryl Theory

“Cheryl is unbelievably knowledgeable about helping entrepreneurs to launch their businesses online.

At first I was quite hesitant to work with Cheryl because the way that she explain concept was so simple so I thought that anybody can do this. Why would I work with her if it's this easy?

But after working with her, I found out that I only saw the tip of the iceberg. What I didn't see was that I had this chunk of ice that I needed to work on in order to launch & scale my business.

If you think that you know everything about your business and brand, but you're struggling right now, that's your indicator that you need a coach. I guarantee that you probably have the same issue that I had, and Cheryl has helped me solve it right away.”

- Adrian N.

Brand and Content Lab

To summarize...

  • This Program is for you if you want to work with someone who knows what it's like to be a side hustler and genuinely cares about you and your business.
  • I'm here to guide and empower you to step up to the plate and embody thought leadership in all aspects of your business and brand.
  • I'll also hold you to your highest standard so you can start making a full-time on part-time hours (even if you have a 9-5) and later decide whether to go full-time into your business.
  • Ultimately, I want to see you create an aligned life, career, and business that makes a massive income and impact, without seeking external validation.

So, if you're ready to build a sustainable and profitable business and create a life of choice and freedom... Let's get to work.

Cheryl Lau Side Hustle Lab
Side Hustle Lab Cheryl Lau

When I decided to start my passion project online, I felt I didn’t have an effective plan and my limiting beliefs kept holding me back.

The key that transforms my mind from “I don’t know how to do this. I don’t think I can do this” to a confident and purpose-oriented mindset is Cheryl’s coaching.

Whenever my self-doubt started to devour me, I turned to Cheryl. She never sent me vague pep talk; she always provided strong supports and facts to help me recalibrate my perspectives. I truly love her mindset coaching!

Alongside giving me a firm mindset foundation, she offered many strategic ideas that made me WOW! It has been such a pleasant experience working with her.

- Emily L.

Cheryl Theory

“To be honest, I was hesitant to work with a coach, because I thought I knew what to do, but that was completely wrong, because I was struggling.

After working with Cheryl, I realized I was making things so complicated and she helped me to break it down into actionable steps at each session.

Also, her strategy is very simple and made me feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

So, now it is easier to take actions and I wouldn't have made that big progress without her help, and I would have wasted my time if I still tried to do on my own.”

- Yume H.

Cheryl Theory

Before working with Cheryl I was at a loss on what to talk about in my Instagram stories and what to post, leading me not to show up or to show up randomly.

After working with her I feel more confident as ever to show up everyday and know exactly what I plan on talking about!

She goes into extreme In-depth details about what to post, how to lay it out, why it’s important and when to do so!

She leaves no rock unturned with her methods and systems she has in place!!

- Estrella A.